Russian In Dialogues Course


You might have already experienced how stressful Russian grammar is. Especially the Cases.

Have you tried to learn the theories behind Russian grammar? And even tried to memorize the noun endings? Then you took a lot of quizzes and Duolingo tests and you always got high scores. But when you try to understand Russian speech in movies or in YouTube videos, or try to say something in Russian, you realize that you don’t know a thing?

This happens when you have little practice. Practicing to read, practicing to speak, and most important one: practicing to listen.

Here in Russian On The Go, we developed a course of Russian Language through Dialogues. Remember that native Russians never learned Cases in the beginning, they just followed the pattern while listening to the parents talking.

We will approach the study by practicing through Dialogues. Here you will read, listen, and reproduce the dialogues with your own voice. And as a bonus, we also provide you with some worksheets (with exercises) for you to get used to Cases. So you will receive both speaking practice and grammar understanding.

The Course is taking place in Telegram Group and we will have Zoom Classes too to reprise what we have learned. 

If you’re interested in joining the course, you can check on this commercially looking price table! Don’t worry about the price, it’s affordable. All you have to do is just buying us a cup of coffee for a week ($5).

Russian In Dialogues

Telegram Based Course Class
Price: A cup of Coffee Weekly
  • Lessons in Telegram Group
  • Zoom Meeting once in two weeks
  • Worksheets with exercises
  • Audio Improvisation
  • Audio Dialogues read by native Russian
  • Personal Feedback
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The Course is taking place in Telegram Group. 

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